Saturday, 8 December 2012

Shower of Stones..!

life gets miserable when the basket gets loaded up.. pressure gets too tight and nothing really gets on your mind.. the only word that enters your mind is that oh damn you pressure cooker ! ...

its really hard when the circumstances play the opposite role of being hero in your life.. anger, frustration, boils up the water inside !! ever felt the 106 temperature ..yeah that's how u feel when life treats you like you are its favorite dice it roles
people say to use calm down exercises .. don't react before .. handle the anger with smoothing strategies.. but trust me when you really are in that hole.. u don't  really use all this stuff...

the only thing that works is to ignore that really moment and sit blank.. nothing on your mind nothing to think about well.. not exactly but works for me ...

life constantly throws stones at you.. it doesn't give you time to think about .. what you need to do is use those stones to hit back the targets you have set in you life.. what i mean by that is to use your anger to do something worth while.. like for example right now i am really very angry and how i am using that anger is by doing what i love.. i am writing my emotions down. well i cant really illustrate all my emotions to you guys but trust me this too helps a lot
well to sum it plays with your emotions.... what you need to do is... let your  emotions play the game of life :D

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A ray of Hope

Nothing, the word itself limits its meaning by ‘the end’ notion. We all know the word ‘nothing’ means something with no strings attached. Something meaning blank or dead end. But for me this word brings about as many meaning as I stretch my mind. “Nothing” to me is not the end but the beginning. Basically every word in the dictionary can be differentiated between something positive or negative. Likewise this word itself has both negative and positive meaning. It depends on the way we all perceive it.

Firstly looking at the positive aspect of this word, as I said before to me it indicates the beginning, a new hope. When everything ends a hope of new beginning arises. As we all know, it’s always darkest before the dawn. When we lose hope or faith in ourselves, the first thing that grabs our mind is that we have lost everything. We just give up too soon. And believe me it happens with everyone at certain part of their lives. It happened with me too not once or twice but many times. We just give up too soon. What we don’t understand is that failure is the first step toward success. We read such quotes every day in our lives but we fail to apply it. We share them with our friends and families but when it comes to ourselves we just don’t bother applying them. In our lives we have to face far more hurdles then we can ever imagine compared to success. When we lose or fall we actually put the word nothing in our minds. We start believing that everything is impossible, but in actual, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.

Human nature is very aggressive and stubborn. If we can’t do anything at first we get demotivated fast. Instead of being demotivated from life we should give ourselves some time to observe, plan and then try again. Believe in yourself. We should always tell ourselves ‘yes we can do it!’ and then you will be surprised by how easily you pass through the maze of life.

For instance, suppose you are in a middle of a journey and suddenly your car stops. Will you just give up saying you can’t go forward? Won’t you try to start your engine once, twice? Its common sense, yes you will!  And if your engine doesn’t start won’t you call somebody for help or look for somebody by walking to any nearest location? Here, don’t you see that instead of giving up and just waiting for some miracle to happen you are actually trying to figure out a solution for your problem yourself. Similarly, if you solve your problems likewise in your life, you will be astonished to find out the strengths that lie within you. This will motivate you and encourage you to do more. Instead of getting inspired by people, let others be inspired from you!
Life is not a book if miracles, it’s a puzzle, solve it. If you believe in yourself you will succeed. It’s just a matter of little effort from your side and you will see the forces of nature moving along with you. Believe in the happenings and work hard with dedication and consistency. For we should move on and light the path for others

So start your engines, make them roar, let others hear you coming and speed up your move for time should never be wasted!