Saturday, 8 December 2012

Shower of Stones..!

life gets miserable when the basket gets loaded up.. pressure gets too tight and nothing really gets on your mind.. the only word that enters your mind is that oh damn you pressure cooker ! ...

its really hard when the circumstances play the opposite role of being hero in your life.. anger, frustration, boils up the water inside !! ever felt the 106 temperature ..yeah that's how u feel when life treats you like you are its favorite dice it roles
people say to use calm down exercises .. don't react before .. handle the anger with smoothing strategies.. but trust me when you really are in that hole.. u don't  really use all this stuff...

the only thing that works is to ignore that really moment and sit blank.. nothing on your mind nothing to think about well.. not exactly but works for me ...

life constantly throws stones at you.. it doesn't give you time to think about .. what you need to do is use those stones to hit back the targets you have set in you life.. what i mean by that is to use your anger to do something worth while.. like for example right now i am really very angry and how i am using that anger is by doing what i love.. i am writing my emotions down. well i cant really illustrate all my emotions to you guys but trust me this too helps a lot
well to sum it plays with your emotions.... what you need to do is... let your  emotions play the game of life :D


  1. Ignoring never works. Yes its a temporary solution but not permanent. Not confronting seem abnormal to me. Perhaps that is why I show my mood negative and positive both and people can easily see it including you.

    Agreed with the other part. If you're angry then do something but that can be done while confronting the problem.

    Life plays with emotions hence we get back at them. The way I see it if you're ignoring it hoping it'll be normal then the only thing ever trickling down from entire situation is perhaps our own ego, Yes it'll drain. Ego's not that bad and it shouldnt be contained and if yours the only 'ego' being trickled down then it means other one has the upper hand. Personally for me ? I dont like giving others the upper hand.

    Btw great post. Liked it. Write more posts :)

  2. thats what i wrote tht i write when im angry .. confornting about what when anger is within you for urself .. :)

    im not ignoring the problem.. i faced and solved it .. i guess its hard to get through the meaning of words behind my blog .. buh its okay i agree with u aswell but this is not my case :)

    thankyou for the compliment :)